The foundation of any great structure starts with its framework. The Herrick Corporation has been providing that framework for over 100 years, establishing itself as one of the largest steel fabricators and erectors in the United States. Our projects stand as an enduring monument to our abilities and to our constantly growing reputation that extends world-wide.

A Long, Rich History

Building on a body of work that began in the early 1920s, it is now almost impossible to think of the distinctive California skylines without the distinctive steel structures that make up the Herrick portfolio. From simple beginnings, the Herrick Corporation has grown into a ubiquitous presence that defines the skylines of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and many more. A hundred years of experience come together to inform our process and the growing and expansive Herrick workforce… constantly improving, refining, and expanding our processes to remain rooted in the principles that formed Herrick in the first place while also constantly adapting the newest technologies that drive the construction projects of the future.

Herrick Talent and Expertise

The enormous and complex demands of today’s largest steel projects require a distinct and unique skillset, and the Herrick workforce of 700 talented and driven individuals allows us to perfectly meet those challenges. Our veteran staff and workers have made steel fabrication and erection their lifelong careers, their skill and dedication to excellence are directly reflected in the quality, safety, and efficiency of the Herrick process. In the shop or in the field, the Herrick staff are experts in their craft, as devoted to their work as The Herrick Corporation is to them. All teams coordinate together from the bottom to the top to provide a seamless transition through the many stages of a complicated steel project, to ensure the highest level of quality clients have come to rely on from Herrick.

This unique body of talent can bring unparalled value to your project. You can’t afford not to take advantage of the benefits our coordinated team can bring.

State of the Art Facilities in the USA

At Herrick’s headquarters in Stockton, California, we have a staff of 75 professionals that manage projects and operations. The head office is located on the grounds of our Northern California fabrication division, Stockton Steel. Our Southern California fabrication division is San Bernardino Steel. Each 40 acre facility is located in a California Enterprise Zone designed to encourage investment in training and capital to promote employment.

The combined operation consists of more than 600,000 square feet of manufacturing space, a field support facility and up to 700 employees in the shop and field.

Our integrated corporate structure provides full control over our projects, providing unparalleled quality and service throughout the entire process, from planning to fabrication to erection. This allows Herrick to provide the kind of quality control and efficient project management our clients have come to expect, since we can ensure every step along the way we adhere to the same exacting attention to detail we give all of our projects.

Efficient, Safe, and Responsible Project Management

Herrick has developed a culture of safety and training programs that have resulted in one of the lowest Experience Modification Rates in our industry. Our dedication to safety runs deep, and we pride ourselves on making this a priority in any project we engage in. Our workforce remains safe and productive and our projects stay on track and efficient.

Our goal is to make our projects as safe as they possibly can be, while at the same time remaining efficient and cost-effective. At Herrick, we believe those goals are not only compatible, but depend on one another by avoiding the delays and setbacks that poor safety practices can often result in.

Green, Environmentally-Friendly Construction

Herrick deploys the best management practices available in our storm water pollution prevention plans and maintains a fleet of construction equipment that far exceeds emissions standards established by the Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board.

California is our home and we live where we work. The Millions of Dollars we have invested to protect the environment, the residents of California and more specifically our employees will pay dividends for generations to come.

Herrick has contributed to many gold and platinum LEED certified building projects, providing a unique set of expertise to accomplish even the most complex and cutting-edge green building techniques and processes.

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