The single most important commitment all employees at Herrick share is a dedication to perform each segment of our business in the safest possible manner. We are committed to the safety of our employees and all others that work in conjunction with our operations.

Our Promise of Safety

The commitment of the management at Herrick, top to bottom, is that each employee will be provided the correct equipment and tools, the equipment and tools will be maintained in safe condition and the employee will be trained in the correct and safest use of the equipment. This is not the least expensive approach, but it provides the assurance that the commitment to safety is not just a slogan, it is a culture founded and supported with integrity. Just as important as the tools and equipment is the need to have a structured safety program that defines responsibility and accountability.

A program that is monitored, evaluated and modified to comply with the changing work environment, laws, regulation, customer requirements and the needs of the workers. At Herrick the safety program is designed to assure that management provides the necessary performance feedback and distributes information vital to the workforce. The second half of the equation is to assure that the workforce has adequate access to management to provide feedback, suggest ideas and solutions and provide management with a first hand representation of the actual work environment. We want all our employees to return home to their families each day the same or better than when they arrived for their shifts.

Herrick utilizes the following activities to achieve the above goals.


  • Monday morning Senior Management Meeting. Topic one is to review the prior week’s shop and field safety. Discuss issues and follow up as required.
  • Attend monthly Shop Safety Committee Meetings.
  • Attend Field Superintendents Safety Meetings
  • Participate in Monthly Field Safety Job Walks
  • On going safety training for management
  • All levels of management are accountable for safety

Shop Fabrication

  • Weekly Safety Meeting with all employees.
  • Monthly written evaluation of each area of the shop by the safety committee
  • Monthly Safety Committee Meeting
  • On going safety training.

Field Construction

  • Weekly Toolbox Safety Meeting with project crew.
  • Project Safety Meeting with all trades.
  • Pre-task planning
  • Weekly written project safety evaluation.
  • Field Superintendent and Foreman Safety Meeting with management.
  • On going safety training.
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