The Herrick Corporation is a strong supporter of the LEED program through the use of recycled materials and an efficient approach to the fabrication and erection of our projects.

The Herrick Corporation’s contributions in support of LEED objectives consist of the following actions:

  1. Provide value engineering assistance to the Structural Engineer of Record to achieve structural performance while minimizing the consumption of raw and semi-finished materials.
  2. Provide coordination assistance to ensure the proper interface between our scope of work and other trades; thereby reducing errors that result in added consumption.
  3. Perform a detailed quantity survey of required material and accurately nest into commercially available sizes to minimize waste. Enforce quality control procedures to discover errors prior to the consumption of raw material.
  4. Diligently pursue the collection and recycling of waste created during the fabrication process.
  5. Diligently pursue suppliers who utilize electric arc furnaces (scrap feedstock) in the steel making process. Although processes and product vary, Herrick expects EAF producers to maintain average recycled content levels of 70% for sheet products, 80% for plate products, and 85% for beam products.
  6. When availability mandates a supplier utilizing blast furnace (iron ore feedstock) technology in the steel making process, suppliers are evaluated for efforts aimed at reducing green house gases during melting operations. Herrick expects all blast furnace producers to maintain steel to CO2 output ratios of 1:1.5 as measured in tons.
  7. Multiple fabrication facilities minimize freight miles to the various geographic markets served, thereby reducing the consumption of fuel and production of greenhouse emissions.
  8. The wood dunnage used for the shipment of fabricated materials to the project jobsites is collected by field employees and returned to the fabrication facility for use on future shipments.

Herrick brings its commitment to sustainable, green, and LEED-certified building practices to each of its projects.  In recent years, Herrick has worked on some of the largest, LEED certified construction projects in the country.

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