To Our Friends and Colleagues,

Founded in Oakland in 1921, Herrick’s work literally supports the skylines the world associates with California. Our reputation for integrity is the direct result of successfully delivering more than 3,000,000 tons of steel on large complex projects located in the heart of earthquake country. Herrick’s continuing investments in research, technology, lean manufacturing processes and quality control have resulted in unparalleled control over costs and schedule for our scope of work. Our knowledge of the interaction between our scope and that of other trades has made Herrick the design-assist steel contractor of choice. We are an advocate of the owner and dedicated to providing the best value for the lowest total cost.

Delivering large steel projects in the era of big data requires a unique blend of skills. We are blessed to have a new generation of talent guided by veterans who have been in the steel business their entire working career. Building Information Models continue to grow in sophistication and our dependence on the data collected has grown as well. The key to Herrick’s implementation of this technology is grounded in the fact that models are built and reflect the expertise of the builder. We use the same team to build the model that we use to build the structure.

At Herrick’s headquarters in Stockton, California, we have a staff of 60 professionals that manage projects and operations. The head office is located on the grounds of our Northern California fabrication division, Stockton Steel. Our Southern California fabrication division is San Bernardino Steel. Each 40 acre facility is located in a California Enterprise Zone designed to encourage investment in training and capital to promote employment. The combined operation consists of more than 600,000 square feet of manufacturing space, a field support facility and up to 700 employees in the shop and field. All Herrick employees have health insurance and retirement savings plans. Herrick employs only Union Ironworkers in the shop and the field and actively funds multiple programs to promote apprenticeship training and a drug-free workforce. When we erect steel in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle or the surrounding municipalities, we do so utilizing local union labor and local small business enterprises we have developed over the years.

Herrick deploys the best management practices available in our storm water pollution prevention plans and maintains a fleet of construction equipment that far exceeds emissions standards established by the Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board. Herrick has developed a culture of safety and training programs that have resulted in one of the lowest Experience Modification Rates in our industry. California is our home and we live where we work. The Millions of Dollars we have invested to protect the environment, the residents of California and more specifically our employees will pay dividends for generations to come.

When evaluating potential suppliers for your next project, please consider the combination of capacity, experience and corporate governance available from Herrick.

We want to build for you.

John Reitmeier,

Bob Hazleton The Herrick Corporation 209 956 4751